Let's face it…moms are busy people.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to your child's sporting event, play, musical, award ceremony, you name it and just sit there and enjoy the moment? Instead, you are juggling between looking at your child and taking photos that you can share with your family and friends.

If you are a working mother and have limited days off you hope that someone caught a picture of your pride and joy and that they will kindly share it with you.

If you have ever felt like this then this collection is perfect for YOU. I will be the paparazzi for your child’s events so you can enjoy those moments. I will make sure to get the shot of your All-Star making that awesome catch, belting out that amazing solo, and that carefree laughter of just being a child enjoying life in their sandbox.

The Sandbox Collection includes:

* Pre-Shoot Consultation (In-Person, Phone, or Email)

* Online preview gallery * 15 - 20 digital images available online

* (4) 30-minute sessions of candids and posed photography

* 5 x 7 frame with the picture of your choice, choose from 3 frame styles

* Your 4 favorite images arranged in a beautiful 28 x 11 wood panel

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo