Capturing Memories

My love of capturing both everyday life and special moments has been with me since my childhood.  That love only became greater when I had children and started taking pictures of their everyday life.  I would spend countless hours putting together albums and scrapbooks.  The idea was that one day they would look at those albums and see themselves through my eyes.  I never for a second considered myself a photographer.  After all, my pictures were taken with a disposable camera that I would then take to a local photo printer.   In 2012, my life took a little detour and the path I had set for myself changed.  It got me thinking about what I love and what brings me joy.  And what I love is taking pictures, creating albums, and documenting those moments that may seem so little but are SOOOO big.  I started taking photography classes, walking around with my camera everywhere I went, taking pictures, reading blogs, anything that would help me to one day be "good enough" to call myself a professional photographer.  That  journey lasted five years and I'm excited to say that fear finally got out of my way and that I took the leap to do what I love.  I look forward to capturing that love and joy that is found in family and to be able to share that gift with you.